11, Sep 2022
Tips To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

For a blogger, threats from a hacker are a very real possibility. Everyday there are so many blogs around the World Wide Web, which is hacked by hackers. This causes havoc in the life of the blogger since he loses all his work and a source of revenue from the blog. A blog is especially vulnerable to hackers if they have a good Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank etc. In other words, a popular blog is more at risk of getting hacked. In this post I have mentioned a few minor tips for you to protect yourself from malicious hackers who can rob you of all your work. click out-of-date software to exploit so they can hack your website files.

1. Anti-virus
Always have a trusted and regularly updated Antivirus installed in your system. There are many great Antiviruses available such as McAfee, Symantec etc. to name a few. Make sure that all the updates of the Antivirus are installed so that it can be on top off the latest threats that are lurking the internet. Many Trojans and malwares can gain access into your system and thereby your personal information if you have weak protection from your Antivirus. Having an effective and updated Antivirus is the mosty basic step to ward off hackers.

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Many bloggers wish they had made their password stronger and more complicated. Unfortunately, for many it become too late because their blog usually has already been hacked. Completely avoid using your name, celebrities or any particular word. Hackers aim at the victim’s password most of the time to hack into their blogs. So as a preventive measure always make use of long, abstractive and alphanumeric passwords for your login credentials. This will help you enhance your online security a long way. And of course, other basic precautions include never sharing your password with anybody except of course those on your team or whom you trust personally.

3. Ethical Hacking operating system. hire a hacker
If you think that you have hack-proofed your blog then may be you would want to test it. Especially if your blog is authoritative then there is a high possibility for hackers to target your blog, in that case you should test your blog for vulnerability against hackers. You can do this by hiring ethical hackers who would be carrying out test attacks for you, they can thereon offer suggestions for further improvement for your security against hackers. anti-virus applications. Hire a Hacker

11, Sep 2022
Things You Need to Know When Shopping for Office Chairs

Do you run your own company either from a commercial office or home office? Are you in charge of equipment purchase in the firm you’re working for? These are just some of the situations when knowing the types of office chairs will be useful. Being seated for 8 hours (for others, sometimes more) either writing, reading or working on the computer can take its toll on one’s body. Employees need a comfortable chair that can be adjusted to their specific height.

The first thing you should know when shopping for office chairs is the type you will need for the various sections of the office and the kind of material for upholstery of the chairs. Knowing what to look for will help you make the best purchase.

Types of Office Chairs

Task chairs are office chairs that have a swivel and casters at the bottom. These chairs can be adjusted to whatever height the person who will sit here is comfortable with. There’s definitely better mobility compared to an ordinary stationary chair. You need not hurt yourself when turning around because the task chair will swivel for you. Task chairs are ideal for offices where different people use the chairs, especially when there are work shift schedules.
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This makes workers easily adjust the chair height to their preference.

Executive chairs are somewhat comparable to task chairs but by and large, they have more padding and are more comfortable. Some executive chairs can be reclined as well. Conversely, executive chairs can be pricier than other kinds of office chairs.

Custom-designed chairs are the thing if you can’t find ones that are built-in to your requirements. Big and tall office chairs can be custom made.

Guest chairs are those that office visitors can sit on, either at the reception are or paired to a desk for when they need to fill out paperwork. These chairs don’t need to have wheels and casters, they can be a regular stationary chair. Visitors are not really expected to move about; they’re usually waiting for an appointment with someone and therefore, usually focused on just sitting or reading something.

Ergonomic office chairs are top quality chairs designed to keep the person sitting in a proper posture to lessen the stress of long hours of sitting on the body. Ergonomic office chairs have an adjustable seat, armrest, backrest and headrest. The ergonomic chair is ideal for those who sit for long hours at a time.

11, Sep 2022
Source of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Los Angeles

Source of Yoga is now offering 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs in Los Angeles. Students from around the world come to Los Angeles to attend this internationally recognized Yoga Certification course.
Los Angeles, CA, USA Immerse deeply in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in a Source of Yoga Teacher Training. This yoga certification course is registered with the Yoga Alliance and surpasses their 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training standards. Source of Yoga offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program to yoga teachers, aspiring teachers and all levels of yoga practitioner. Our yoga teacher training combines the high standards of practice of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System with the development of teaching skills necessary to introduce students to Yoga practice safely and effectively. By learning the Ashtanga Yoga method, one can teach Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga Yoga classes. A Yoga Teacher Training Manual is supplied to each participant. To those who attend all scheduled classes, a 200, 300 or 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate is issued, at the end of the course. With this certificate you are able to register as a 200 RYT or 500 RYT with the Yoga Alliance. Beginners are welcome to attend the 200 hour yoga instructor training program. For additional information and to register for a yoga certification course visit http://www.sourceofyoga.com

10, Sep 2022
Continue to keep Hackers Out With Intelligent Safety Solutions

Modern environment is loaded with technology. Virtually anyone has a smart telephone or a superior stop pill device. These products present all the things to retain a individual engaged. It features social networking, games, neat applications, movies and several other interesting items to entertain them. In this occupied environment, folks who are frequently on -the- go prefer the electronic form of all the things, from reading publications to performing on the net cash transactions. Even though everything has been built effortless with wise devices, no a single can deny that it also poses serious danger when it will come to safety. Hence it is very vital to use very best the safety assistance to safeguard your data.

Two-Step Verification

At any time considering that the introduction of internet and on the internet dollars transactions, tech fanatics have appear up with innovative techniques to offer that more safety to protect your particular information. Even though some of those methods succeeded in achieving the intention some unsuccessful. Most of the occasions hackers discovered a way to steal individual information and facts, private information, account information, credit history card specifics and concerned in other fraudulent routines on the web. Keeping all these in thoughts, a new process termed two phase verification is getting used by financial institutions, ATMs, multinational companies and social networking sites. This unique approach requires two degrees to confirm the identification or authenticity of a human being making an attempt to log in to a community.
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Some periods as a section of this procedure, numerous corporations use SMS two issue authentication for additional verification for transaction needs.


SMS two variable authentication delivers further security making sure your info is risk-free. A lot of websites have began intelligent telephones to authorize a user’s id in purchase to continue to keep the user’s facts safe. Obtaining your account compromised is not an magnificent experience. All your critical details and delicate information could be stolen and made use of against you. A two phase verification approach will act as a barrier towards all all those protection threats so that you do not get worried about your account obtaining hacked.

Internet site Proprietors

When you personal a domain or host your very own internet site, it is essential to retain your visitor’s details harmless. Selecting a firm that provides hosted two issue authentication expert services will supply your internet site the defense it desires. There are quite a few firms to give you that security attribute. Come across a reputed firm and point out your needs. With a staff of proficient specialists, the firms supplying hosted two aspect authentication providers will make your web-site safer. It is vital that you make sure the team understands your business enterprise desires. Monitor the progress of the exercise and will not wait to request if you want any additional characteristics.

10, Sep 2022
Rhinoplasty – Shaping Your Figure

When I hear about rhinoplasty, a new face comes to my mind. It is of Bibi Aisha, an afghan girl of 19 years who was just brutally harmed and got her nose chopped off by her cruel husband. She showed an open face of an afghan lady in the cover page of Time, one of the popular magazines across US. Here is where rhinoplasty has its all priority.

Can you imagine a girl with her nose sliced off coming back to life after a couple of months with a new nose flap? Though earlier, it may be a matter of concern now it’s never an issue with an easy rhinoplasty. Actually, the word rhinoplasty had its birth from two Greek terms, rhinos mean nose and ‘plassein’, to shape. It is done as an operative procedure in order to improve nose appearance or enhance or normalize the function of the nose.

It is performed by an otolaryngologist or an ENT surgeon. Nose shaping or nose job is another name of rhinoplasty. Some of the indications of rhinoplasty include birth defects, traumatic injuries affecting nose and nasal septum, cosmetic problems etc. it is also done in adjunct with chin augmentation procedures.
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Rhinoplasty is usually performed under local or general anesthesia. It is done through two approaches; one is an open approach where an extra incison is placed at columella, a thin membrane splitting two nostrils. Closed approach deals with the rhinoplasty where incisions are made in the nostrils.

Rhinoplasty is of primary and secondary types. Primary rhinoplasty is done as an initial cosmetic or functional procedure. Secondary rhinoplasty, as the name suggests is done secondary to primary rhinoplasty and is very common with almost 5- 20% of cases. There are a lot more new interventions brought in the rhinoplasty. It’s very useful in refurbishing the air flow, reforming the normal contour and many more. Congenital problems, nasal obstructions, skin cancer excisions, vascular abnormalities etc are treated successfully with rhinoplasty.

Laser rhinoplasty is also done for simple problems. Non surgical rhinoplasty deals with procedure that does not involve any open penetration but treating by injecting medicines and other line of treatment. Non surgical treatment is usually done in an outpatient setting.

10, Sep 2022
Learn the Basics of Ethical Hacker Training

Ethical hacker training almost sounds like an oxymoron. How can one be both ethical and a hacker? You will need to gain an understanding of what an ethical hacker is, how they are trained, and what they do to fully comprehend the genius of such a position.

The position is a unique one. The training teaches the same techniques that any hacker would learn to try to infiltrate a computer system. The difference is that they do it to find weaknesses before they can truly be exploited. By finding the weaknesses before they are made accessible to the general public, actual penetration of the system can be avoided. Discovering these weaknesses is merely a way of testing the security of a system.

While the hacking skills may be the same, it is the intent that makes all the difference. While these individuals may still be trying to find a way into the system that would allow them to gain access and control of the inner workings of that system, they do so that they can then find a way to protect that weakness. They identify the permeable points so that they can be fortified. To stop a hacker, you need to think like one.

The training that such an individual receives must be extensive. A thorough knowledge of how hackers make their way into systems is required so that the defences put in place will be more than adequate to stop any real hacker. If one misses any vulnerability present in the system then you can be sure that there will be an unethical type out there who will exploit this weakness.

There are a variety of courses offered to assist with this training.
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While there is no substitute for experience, a comprehensive course in network security can help to prepare an interested person to work in the field. This understanding of both attacks and countermeasures is essential to the position. It includes knowledge of what to do if a system is breached, the investigation of any attempted attacks, and the follow up on any computer crimes.

Ethical hackers are hired by a company to test the permeability of their network. Their efforts help to keep information and systems safe in a world where high tech crime is becoming more and more common. Finding the holes in a network is not a simple matter because technology of both attack and defence on this level is always changing and advancing.

What was safe and secure six months ago may be easily overcome now. A working knowledge of the latest hacking techniques is a fluid thing. It is always changing. These qualified individuals perform risk analysis and help the various domains to work congruently to assure a high level of security for the whole system. Those who go through training even work to develop the new software that will be put into place once vulnerabilities have been identified and countermeasures have been put in place.

The field of Ethical Hacker training will only grow as more of the business world finds its home on computer systems that are accessible to the public, either by accident or by deliberate intent. The safety of company information, bank information, and personal data all rely on the ability to defend this information from outside attack. This training grooms an individual to think like an outside infiltrator so that they can stay one step ahead and so can the information that he or she was hired to protect. Who knew there was a good kind of hacker?

10, Sep 2022
7 Tips to Protect Your Website From Hackers

We have all heard in the headlines about major companies like Chase, Target, and Home Depot having data breaches with Ashley Madison being one of the latest high-profile victims.

The threat to small businesses on experiencing attacks by hackers is very real and not something to ignore. In fact, according to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association over 44% of small businesses have had their systems hacked.

The Dangers of Not Protecting your Systems

It’s easy for a small business owner and entrepreneurs to say “Oh it won’t happen to me.” Or because they are too busy with the day-to-day operations of the business not to make website security a top priority.

But the dangers of doing nothing are alarming. Hackers can:

Break into your database and steal customer information.
Deface your website and put inappropriate pictures or text on it.
Submit malicious code through forms to deliver viruses and other harmful code to visitors who enter your site.
Log into your email server to send spam through your server.
As a business owner, it’s important to understand these dangers and know what needs to be in place in order to minimalize your risk of being compromised.

How To Protect You And Your Website from Hackers

1. Keep your Website Platforms and Scripts Updated. If you use a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla etc., it’s important to install updates as they become available.

The makers of these platforms often find and fix security holes that will leave your website vulnerable to attack.

WordPress is especially vulnerable due to the extent of its popularity.

Same applies for shopping cart systems or plugins and scripts that facilitate extra functionality on your site.

2. Be Careful with User Uploads. While allowing users to upload an avatar, picture, or other file to a website or form can add interactivity, it also allows a way for malicious scripts to be uploaded to your server.

Ensure security measures are in place that check submitted items from users to check if they are safe before uploading them to your website server.

3. Protect Your Web Forms. It is possible for hackers to fill out a contact form and place malicious code into the name or email fields.

Having a tech person review your website can protect you from leaving this opportunity open to hackers.

4. Set Up Strong Passwords. While many people are learning the importance of strong passwords, some still leave their usernames at ‘admin’ or set simple passwords like ‘password123’ or use the same password for every online account they have.

Passwords like first names, pet names, and simple words are easy to guess. There are algorithms hackers can use to easily figure out your user ID and/or password when either are very simple.

Adding numbers, symbols, and capital letters to a password makes it harder to expose. Plus, many password management programs can help you generate a random hard-to-guess password.

This may seem inconvenient to have to memorize a more complex password but doing this to avoid being hacked is very much worth the effort.

5. Lock Down Your Directory and File Permissions. It’s important to have someone with technical expertise review your hosting server directories to make sure the read, write, and execute permissions are set in a way that allows for maximum security.
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Look at folders, directories and individual files to review their settings to ensure your website is as secure as possible from harmful attacks.

6 Set Up A Generic Website Error Page. If you have a portion of your website where users need to log in with a username and password, be careful what information you share on the error page.

For instance if someone is trying to log in and gives the wrong username, it’s better to have a generic error message that says “wrong username and password combination”. This way, you’re not providing would-be hackers any clues to guessing the login credentials.

Having the ability to lock a user from trying to log in after too many failed attempts can protect your website as well.

7. Use A SSL Certificate. If your website has a shopping cart system, a membership component, or collects sensitive personal data via online forms, it’s always wise to get a SSL certificate installed.

10, Sep 2022
Today’s Growing Need for Certified Ethical Hackers – Seed

Today’s Growing need for Certified Ethical Hack
According to a Cyber Security Strategy paper released by PWC, 90 % of large business organizations suffer security breaches at least once a year. Over 60 percent of these organizations are attacked by outsiders. To curb this threat, companies are looking for ethical hackers who can fortify business networks and prevent cyber attacks by identifying technological defects.

The huge extent of growth in the communication and information technology sector has opened up more access avenues that are of particular interest to cyber-criminals.
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The Rising Need for Ethical
The information technology sector is embracing cloud computing whose major trends are IT outsourcing and virtualization. The transition to cloud computing is marred by security gaps that increase the level of cybersecurity threats. Hence, the high demand for certified ethical hackers.

Companies require ethical in order to avail the benefits of cloud computing without compromising on data or information security. Hence, the job opportunities in ethical hacking are on the rise at present. Additionally, the cyber sector is developing rapidly presenting complex security requirements that can only be overcome by an expert and professional ethical.
Duties and Qualifications of a Certified Ethical
Certified ethical hackers are white hat hackers who hack systems legitimately with one objective and under strict protocols. Their only objective is to secure and encrypt systems from malicious cyber-attacks, phishing attacks, viruses, and worms.

They rely on encryption and cryptographic techniques like vulnerability testing and penetration method to understand the integrity of the displayed information.

An ethical hacker’s job requirements may include; programming knowledge of LISP, JAVA, Perl, and C, an understanding of Linux/Unix commands and strong computer skills as well as a high social engineering talent that is not acquired by learning ethical hacking. Social engineering is a non-technical mode of the network intrusion that relies on human interactions where people are tricked into breaking laid out security procedures.

Concluding Remarks
Cyber security is classified among the top threats in the world. This explains the increasing job opportunities in ethical hacking for people who are certified to legally hack web servers and decode wireless encryption in a bid to exploit security vulnerabilities and determine the possibility of a criminal hacker accessing a system. Hence, security experts emphasize that hiring certified ethical hackers to penetrate and examine a company’s system should be classified as an essential and mandatory business practice.

10, Sep 2022
How to Become an Ethical Hacker – Achieving CEHv8 Certification

Are you considering being in a legal hacker? Do DDoS attacks, buffer overflows or viruses are what most allure you?
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You might consider becoming an ethical hacker or penetration tester. While, businesses and government undertaking organizations are taking security measures seriously and trying improving their network security, applications and other computer systems, there is a dearth of skilled Information Security professionals with required EC-Council Certifications. With CEHv8 Course you may not get the same adventurous rush but more sensible form of knowledge which ultimately leads to the goal of preventing data losses, theft or fraud.

The job market for ethical hackers – Well, as we are now completely aware how big companies and other organizations are seeking skilled professionals for their information security sphere, the job market looks really good for those who have attained Ethical Hacking Certification. Recent researches show that globally enterprise IT spending increased by 6 percent (approx.) between 2009 and 2010, to a total of $2.7 trillion. The projections are of nearly 40 percent increase in spending on worldwide security services during the five-year period from 2011 to 2015. So, it is expected to cross $49.1 billion in coming year.

As a beginner, you may earn anywhere around $50,000 to $100,000 per annum, which is depending on your company on the basis of which it is hiring you. As you become experienced in this domain you can expect to get your salary raised to $120,000 or more per year. Having said that, just simply diving into this professional is not a lucrative option instead one should have proper knowledge of the domain. Without apt skills or experience one cannot go beyond a certain limit. This hurdle can be overcome once one gets oneself skilled with the help of EC-Council Certification and Ethical Hacking Training. It is true to all kinds of IT jobs that employers typically want candidates who have expertise in the related domains and validation for the same. EC-Council Certification provides the aspirants with the validation of their attained knowledge and skills.

10, Sep 2022
Hackers on a Recruitment Mission

If you were an aspiring hacker, would you respond to a help-wanted ad seeking bilingual virus writers, or would you think it a hoax and carry on your merry hacking way? There is, in fact, a demand for hackers who speak different languages, especially Mandarin, Russian and Portuguese, and positions are being advertised. They are just not advertised in the classified section of your local newspaper.

Ambitious hackers are no longer satisfied with targeting the English speaking market. They want to branch out internationally to tap into the lucrative market of emerging economies. Specifically, they want to exploit online gaming sites in China, peer-to-peer network applications in Japan and banks in Brazil. These countries are all the more vulnerable because their law enforcement agencies don’t have the sophistication to counter Internet crime. Hackers are more likely to get away with crime in Brazil than they are in the US or Europe.

Hackers have learnt a lot while focusing on the English market. They know what is needed to make a success of a campaign, which is why they are now advertising positions on underground Internet channels. The minimum requirements are set quite high. They want creative virus writers with the ability to create both grammatically correct and persuasive web pages and spam emails.

They want to appear as professional and legitimate as possible so that people will download viruses and disclose their personal details without hesitation. Internet criminals have seen the benefit in using increasingly sophisticated hacking methods.
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As a result they are willing to bear the costs of hiring talented writers so that they can make even more money when their endeavours succeed.

This new turn towards professionalism is causing sleepless nights for all major Internet players. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft now have to develop even more advanced security measures to protect their international interests. They also have to rely on the capability of local authorities to clamp down on Internet crime and introduce harsher penalties for transgressors.

With hackers looking inwards to hunt out and develop rising stars, and with their increasingly business-like approach to cyber crime, will we see the rise of cartels and turf wars as they battle for supremacy? The concept is an interesting one, and would make for a fascinating anthropological study if it weren’t so incredibly frightening.