25, May 2023
Free Archos Plugins and What You Need to Know

Archos plugins bring an Archos device to life, but the only problem is they cost around 20 dollars on average. Considering how integral they are for the functioning of your device it’s a wonder that people don’t try to get free versions all the time.

The equivalent is like not playing any videos on an Ipod Touch or Iphone until you purchase a 20 dollar plugin which allows the specific videos to be played. Most Archos devices can play very basic video and audio files such as MP3 and MP4 but as soon as more complex files are introduced they’re unable to play them without specific plugins installed. This artificially lowers the price of their products at the start, but this is usually re-gained because most people do have videos that aren’t all in the same formats. Not only this, but for some aspects of the Archos devices to work such as playing in high definition all require plugins to do so.


a great help to many Archos owners because they allow people to access the best parts of their device without having to pay lots of money for. It means that people can unlock the potential of their device and access the internet, play any number of weird and wonderful video/audio file extensions as well as downloading great games to play either by themselves or with friends. I know for a definite fact that my own multi media player wouldn’t be the same without them.


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